This is a blog about Kandi Barbour who a porn actress and nude model from the late 70’s and early 80’s. She would continue to work as a dancer for several years after her retirement from making movies and modeling.

There are lots of photos, videos and information about Kandi on the internet, but most of the biographical information about her online is apparently incorrect. From where she was born, raised, her apparent birth name and age were all incorrect.

After many years of being out of the public eye, word of her death in January 2012 shocked and saddened many. Even more saddening was the fact she was also homeless at that time and no living relatives could be found to have funeral arrangements for her.

This blog is an attempt to provide a little more insight to Kandi and all of the things related to Kandi above and to correct erroneous info online about her. The info was gleaned from those who knew Kandi and public records detailing some of her later years .

There will be no nude pictures or porn on this blog as that material is readily found all over the net.


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