Laurie Smith on Kandi

Laurie Smith (her IMDb and IAFD) has commented on a post on the blog with her memories of Kandi. I thought I would share her comments on the main page. Thanks for your insight, Laurie.

Jim South of World Modeling Agency use to call her “Dandy Candy”she reminded me of Delta Burkes character in Designing Women. Immediately I thought Kandi Barbour….what ever happened to that vivacious,raven haired,big busted beauty..?
Now I know…so sad how models and actresses in that business haven’t been shown any kindnesses and financial gratuities as a thank you for all the gazillions of dollars they have made since legalizing sex on film combined with the Internet.
I worked with Kandi on many still and movie sets,I did her hair and make-up many times. Diana Hardy did find her first,then she sent her to my boyfriend Bob Veze,who shot her a few times,I did her make-up and hair for most of those shoots. Always energetic, funny,very animated & emotional but seemed troubled at times. Many girls got into this Bizz with self destruction in mind,insecurities and self loathing,desperate for many reasons…money,attention,love…..? So many lovely girls I’ve known and witnessed their destructions…now here’s another one.
Rest in Peace Kandi,
Your in my prayers……Laurie Smith


3 thoughts on “Laurie Smith on Kandi

  1. I’m not a native English speaker nor an American, but I wanted to express my sadness about the death of Kandi.
    I learned about Kandi by pure chance (I like good old movies) and I saw some comments about Kandi and so I learned how she died.
    Although her job was not a respectable one, she was a human being and deserved a better life.
    I find it strange that the cause of her death was not disclosed.

    R.I.P, Kandi.

    • The cause of death was listed as “pending” on her death certificate that was included in court records. Usually that means nothing found in the autopsy indicated the cause of death and they are waiting for results of toxicology reports or similar that might indicate the cause of death. The only way to know for sure would be to see the final version of the death certificate. But it sounds like she may have overdosed on some type of drugs.

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