Kandi’s Later Life and Death

This post will deal with Kandi’s later years and death. Most of this information came from public court records from San Francisco courts. They can be found and read by anyone who searches her legal (UPDATE also birth) name at her death, Kandie Dotson.

As stated in the last post of this blog, after many years living in Hawaii, Kandi moved to San Francisco. According to one court case, she lived in a hotel in the San Francisco tenderloin district from May 1996 until January 2005. In November 2004, the owner took Kandi to court for being behind on paying her rent. Kandi was present in court for the proceedings that she needed to be. The court ruled in the owners favor for more than $2000 that was owed and she had to leave the property in early January 2005. She also apparently lived in another hotel about a mile away for a period of time afterwards.

Kandi was found dead on January 18, 2012 in SF. It would appear no foul play was involved but her actual cause of death has not been released. 7 months before she died, in June 2011, she was attended to by paramedics, which might allude to health problems. The paramedics listed her as being homeless. She was IDed though finger prints which turned up a rap sheet from January 2006. It contained many aliases she had used including: Kandie Dotson, Kandie Louise Dotson, Kandie Lou Dotson, Kandie Barber, Candy Louise Barbour, Kandi Barbour, Candy Lou Dotson, Candy Lou Dotson, Kandi L. Dotson, Kandy Lou Dotson, Chubby K. Dotson, Kandie Lou Dotson, and Candy Lou Barber. The address listed on her California State ID on the rap sheet was a homeless resource center in SF. According the report, investigators believed she was homeless for several years prior to her death.

The SF Medical Examiner and the SF Estate Investigators exhausted all available options trying to find Kandi’s next of kin. Through the process they found her birthplace was in Alabama and her parents names, but could find no further information or contact info for them. (UPDATE Kandi’s parents died many years prior; see “Who was Kandi Barbour really?”) Police questioned a man who was her boyfriend at the time her death, but he had no information to provide about her next of kin. A person named Lawrence Dotson lived with her at some point in the residence she had from 1996-2005. Due to the same surname, investigators believe he was related to Kandi somehow. Perhaps her son, as she was believed to have one. They were unable to locate him as well.

Interestingly, an attorney in Hawaii contacted the Medical Examiners office sometime after her death indicating he knew of Kandi under the name of Linda Gene Smith (aka Linda Jean Smith) as he represented a Laurence H. Dorcy and his estate (who had passed away prior to this in June 2011, google his name for some interesting reading) who sometimes helped Kandi out financially over the years. It appears that he might have left her $150,000. A shame she couldn’t have received these funds, it may have possibly saved her life.

There were reports online that Kandi was cremated and her ashes were to be scattered in the SF Bay after a one year hold period by the SF coroner’s office.

UPDATE January 24, 2014: According to new court records published after this post was originally made, a next of kin was located, apparently a cousin. UPDATE November 30, 2014 The $150,000 left to Kandi, after a lengthy investigation and court case to determine heirship, was distributed to several members of Kandi’s extended family.

If anyone knew Kandi and has further information or corrections, please feel free to comment.


6 thoughts on “Kandi’s Later Life and Death

  1. I was good friends with Kandi in Hawaii. I lost touch with her when I moved to California. I had been hoping to reconnect our friendship but I did not know how to get a hold of her. I only found out about her death today when I thought about her and I thought I could find her through google.

    Kandi was a very nice person. It appears as though financially she had a difficult time at the end; it is unfortunate because she made a lot of popular movies which should have supported her comfortably in the end. Kandi was one of the nicest persons I have ever known.

    The question asked is “who was Kandi really?” Outside of the realm of making the movies, Kandi was a regular person, she loved her boyfriend, she had a regular life like any other person.

  2. Sorry about the loss of your friend, Bianca. Thanks for the insight. Yes, her last years were very sad, she may have been homeless for as long as 6 or 7 years. It’s too bad she didn’t seek out help from others. Friends and even fans would’ve probably helped her out. She deserved better. There are several people who knew and worked with Kandi who are having financial troubles today as well. They didn’t get residuals either.

    Did Kandi ever talk about any of her family? Or did she have a son when you knew her? The San Francisco coroner and estate investigator were unable to find any relatives.

    • So glad to see you had made an investigation of her. I tried to find out more about her after I heard of her passing in 2012, and had posted on imdb and the Facebook golden age of porn page, but got no replies. Since she was supposedly from my area (Kansas City – Mission Ks). I had a friend that worked at Quik Trip back in the early 80’s, and he told me she used to come into his store once in a while. Weather he was mistaken about her name or not I don’t really know. Anyway, thank you for digging. Such a sad situation.

  3. Hello. I hung out with Kandie Dotson (that’s the spelling she used on her registration card – and she was registered with Lester Forrest from Hawaii) when she lived at the Leland Hotel in San Francisco in March of 1996. Kandie had just arrived from Hawaii and she had about $10k from, as she said, he mother’s inheritance from Georgia. I was a desk clerk on the overnight shift and I worked for Mrs. Gerda Kircher, a local SF slumlord who also passed away in 2012.

    Kandie and I became fast friends when we met… and we soon learned that we both like cocaine powder and vodka (although Lester was with us, he was quiet and would watch us while we partied)… and we both like to talk a lot while high. We would talk about her past as a “dancer”… she worked for Mitchell Brothers for years and (according to what she stated) that’s when she used the name Kandi Barbour. Sometimes we would get quiet while Kandie would reminisce about her mother and her childhood… and would get real emotional but I just listened as she needed someone to speak to. Kandie was a very sensitive person, and we had some really good times and therapy-like party sessions together.

    After several months, I moved away to another hotel over on lower Hyde Street. And Kandie moved to the Shirley Hotel off of Nob Hill by early fall of 1996 and lived there for over 8 years and was evicted as mentioned in a previous post. We lost touch but I will always remember her fondly. RIP Kandie!!

    • If you are Kandi’s son, there are many people who would like to speak with you. Including me, who may be your father.

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